Matt Beck of recently shares some ways to get free marketing ideas by just looking around the places you shop or visit.

He suggests using some of the marketing tactics places like restaurants, groceries store, and even auto parts stores use in order to get more sales and more repeat customers.

It’s a short 3 minute video but well worth the time as it gets the juices flowing as to way a shop owner can boost sales.

The first 3 are from Matt Beck the rest are some other ideas to get the idea machine going when it comes to better marketing.

Marketing Ideas

  1. Arrange products on the shelves the way stores do. The best sellers at eye level and a neat and attractive display.
  2. Using a leader board to highlight your best customers. This adds a level of competitive fun to your business.
  3. Loyalty cards like what most stores do nowadays. Reward your client for repeat visits.
  4. Upsells. When appropriate look for ways to sell more services to the client when they visit. Think of it as less of selling them more but helping them get a complete salon experience.
  5. Referral rewards. For every new client brought to you by one of your regulars reward them with a discount, free service, or branded t-shirt or cup. Anything to let them know you value their help.c
  6. Collect their email address and keep them updated on what’s going on in the salon. The more you can stay connected to your client the more they’ll see you as the go to person.
  7. Specials day. Figure out which day is your slow day and do a promotion on that day. It’s better to have some people come in on a slow day than none at all.
  8. There’s always a holiday going on. Tie a promotion in with whatever holiday is coming up next. Even better make up your own holiday and use that as an excuse to have a promotion.
  9. Participate in the community. Figure out a way you can give back to your community using the skills that you possess. Check out how one salon in Iowa helps kids learn to read.
  10. Look around. There’s always ideas to be found while out shopping, dining, or buying things at your favorite places.

Be sure to check out the Free Salon Education site for more tips on running your salon or shop profitably.

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