In an effort to promote reading a Dubuque, Iowa barber has come up with a great idea. Courtney Holmes, a barber at Spark Family Salon came up with a way to promote literacy while helping the kids in his neighborhood look their best. The program, Tales 4 Trims allows kids to get free haircuts with just one requirement. The kids have to read a book to the barber. Mr. Holmes a father of two young boys himself, feels it is important that kids learn how to read.

As they get their haircuts the kids read to Mr Holmes. His intent is to get the children to not only sound out words but understand what they have read. At the end of the haircut he challenges their memory by asking them what it was about. The kids also get a bag of books to take home and read. Mr. Holmes hopes this will help the kids improve their love of reading.

Holmes started “Tales 4 Trims” to help improve the reading skills of children in his neighborhood, and the salon where he rents a chair, Spark Family Salon, now plans to hold events regularly.


“Trims 4 Tales” also sends each child home with a bag of books, encouraging them to keep reading until their next visit — which Holmes hopes will be very soon.


His young clients — whose feet barely grazed the floor — were preparing for the upcoming school year, and Holmes decided to offer his hair cutting services for free.




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