Barber College Success Ep. 1 – How To Choose A Barber College

How To Choose A Barber College

Many things go into finding the right barber college to suit your needs. There’s so many things to consider when making a decision. In today’s episode, Craig sits down to field some questions from Crown Cutz Academy’s marketing assistant Julia Cox about how to choose a barber college. Craig shares answers to questions like:

  • What should I look for?
  • How do I know a school is good?
  • Can I work another job while I go to school?
  • How long does it take to finish barber college?
  • Will I be able to find a job after barber college?
  • How much does barber college cost?

If you have questions about barber college, email Julia Cox at Barber College Success is a proud member of the Market Street Media family of podcasts. The full roster includes: Better Every Day with Brad Weems I See You, Mama: A Maternal Mental Health Podcast with Kristina Dulaney Marketing That Works with Drew Bedard Johnson City Living with Leighton Hart Measure Once, Cuss Twice with Seth Thomas The Johnson City Small Business Podcast with Ryan McKinney One Conversation at a Time with Kelly Rhea

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